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The Republic of Vanuatu is in the Pacific Ocean, between Australia and New Zealand. The Republic has been voted on numerous occasions as "the happiest place on earth" (highest Happy Planet Index Score).

The Vanuatu Citizenship Program (a.k.a. "Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship" and/or "Vanuatu Support Development Program") has been duly ratified in December 2016. It is fully endorsed and guaranteed by the President of the Republic of Vanuatu. It is a very "fast" program (applicants may be able to obtain citizenship status within 30 days maximum, after duly submitting all supporting documentation in the matter), and very "family-friendly" (for families comprised of four members, parents and two children),

This program has been created in order to support the creation of jobs within the country, to function as a stimulus for the local economy and to enhance budgetary matters for the Island's Treasury. It works as a "substantial economic contribution" of the applicant (and of his family) to the country's coffers. It is actually a non-refundable donation and the citizenship to all family members is being conferred upon them for life.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, healthy and with no criminal record behind them. The respective citizenship applications must be submitted simultaneously for all family members (either parents or minors, and in some cases including also elderly parents and grandparents).

Learn all the Benefits of the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Some of the main characteristics of this discerning citizenship program are the following:

  • Citizenship is being conferred for life upon all applying family members
  • Applicants may elect to live in the country or abroad (or both, simultaneously)
  • Excellent visa-free travel options for 129 countries in total
  • Fast process within 30 days, after duly submitting proper supporting documentation
  • Tax-free status for either local or foreign derived income
  • Applicable English law-styled jurisdiction
  • Good local banking system available to residents and non-residents

About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of 80 plus islands in an archipelago that stretches 1,300 kilometers.


Vanuatu citizenship provides many things to many people, each looking at their own unique reason for taking up our Program.

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A “pre-approval” stage involving a Vanuatu Government background check on the applicant is required. Once the pre-approval has been received (normally 7-10 days), the full documentation is submitted with full payment. The Citizenship process from here takes between 30 to 60 days to complete, making it one of the fastest processing times in the World.