FIU Clearance (5-7 days)

Vanuatu New Citizenship prepares an application for the client and submits it to the authorities in Vanuatu for a background check. A non-refundable due diligence fee (15000 USD) is due at this step. Following documents are required from the client:

• CV
• Passport
• Police Clearance Certificate


Citizenship Document Submission (15-30 days)

After the pre-clearance, Vanuatu New Citizenship prepares a file for the client and submits it to the citizenship commission in Vanuatu. The commission usually assembles twice a month, and the file must be submitted 8 days prior to the meeting. DSP contribution is due at this step and the client needs to arrange the following documents:

• Birth Certificate
• Color Photos
• Medical Certificate
• Academic Certificates
• Employment Certificate
• Asset Report
• Bank References/Statements
• Professional References


Citizenship Commission Approval (10-15 days)

A citizenship certificate is issued to the client upon approval from the citizenship commission. Vanuatu New Citizenship applies for the passport on behalf of the client.


Oath Ceremony

The citizenship certificate and passport are handed over to the client by Vanuatu Government’s Commissioner of Oath. The ceremony can be conducted in Vanuatu or at a venue chosen by the client.

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